Fully-automated SNPs genotyping system i-densy IS-5310. All-in-one step, Future of SNPs analysis

Easy operation

Simple measuring in easy operation

By setting the sample-applied reagent pack at the device and just pressing the Start key, gene analysis is easily available.

1. Apply sample to reagent pack


  • All the necessary reagents are included in the reagent pack.
  • Sample types include whole blood, oral swab, and purified nucleic acid.
  • One reagent pack can analyze up to three gene mutations.

2. Set reagent pack, tip, reaction tube on device.


  • As the effluent is within the pack, waste bottle is not required.
  • Available simultaneous measurements of up to four samples

3. Press Start key


  • Additional measurement is possible at any time in vacant units

4. Measurement result output


Results obtained in about 80 minutes.

Case of (* 2 / * 3) CYP2C19 Test kit

graph01 graph02
* 2 (G681A): G / A (wild-type/mutant-type) Hetero * 3 (G636A) : G / G (wild-type / wild-type) Homo

* The operation method varies depending on the type of sample.

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