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i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL

What is i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL?

i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL is a reagent pack which is already filled with pretreatment reagents and PCR/detection reagents without primer and probe.

For the items you want to measure, just dispense the primers and probe, which were prepared to a predetermined concentration; measurement of any item in i-densy can be performed.

[Example of Application]

In order to detect mutations in codon 12/13 of the KRAS gene, we designed a probe, which is 100% complementary to wild-type sequence, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

The primers and the above probe are dispensed to i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL.. The artificial nucleic acid (plasmid) having a mutation sequence in the codon 12/13 and wild-type KRAS sequence, are used as templates. In a result, the measurements is as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

In case that mutation sequence is included, it makes Mismatch, which leads to lower Tm value. A peak is detected at a lower temperature than that of wild-type.

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