Fully-automated SNPs genotyping system i-densy IS-5310. All-in-one step, Future of SNPs analysis


i-densy IS-5320
External dimensions
410(Width) x 450( Depth) x 415(Height) in mm
Measuring object Whole blood, Oral swab, Purified nucleic acids
Measurement Items By using the i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL and i-densy Pack Multitype UNIVERSAL, just adding primer and probe, any item can be measured.
Measurement principle PCR+Tm Analysis method
Required sample volume 70μL or more (Whole blood, oral swab), 4μL (purified nucleic acids)
Process speed Whole blood: 90min per 4 samples ( 80min per 1sample.)
Oral swabs: 85min per 4 samples (75min per sample)
Purified nucleic acids: 75min per 4 sample ( 65min per sample)
Reagent i-densy Pack Series
Maximum sample load 4 samples
Sample container Integrated with reagent pack
Sampling system Automatic dispensing nozzle sampling
Reaction temperature 40 - 95 degree
Warm-up time Within 3 minutes
Data storage Up to 25 users, and 500 measurements per user
Screen Color LCD
Printer Thermal line printer (58mm in width)
Operating Touch panel
External output Ethernet x 1, USB x 1
Measurement environment Temperature: 10-30 degree, Humidity : 20-80%RH (Non-condensing)
Power AC100V 50/60Hz、Less than 300VA
Weight 27kg

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